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Who Doesn’t Love Puppy Pictures?

The world can be a stressful, scary place, but our fur kids can turn even the worst day into smiles and giggle fits. A Blep, a Boop, a Sploot, a Zoomie…these are the memories that bring us joy when times are tough.

I gave up trusting my brain with my favorite memories years ago. When I want to remember my heart dog, all I have to do is look up at my wall or crack open an album for a treasure trove of timeless memories. He’s right there, in front of me, not buried amongst thousands of unviewed files on my hard drive. He’s right there, where I need him, just like he always was.

Dog Trainer

I became a professional dog trainer in 2010, after attending Starmark Academy outside of Austin, TX. My unique understanding of dogs and their behavior means that I can work with hyper, nervous, or grumpy dogs. I can work with you and your dog to get the best possible photos.

Dog Photographer

Of the tens of thousands of photos I have taken over the years, 90% have been of fur kids. I’ve been obsessed with taking pictures for almost three decades and know the value of quality photographs. I only offer the highest quality products that will last you a lifetime.

Dog Lover

My heart dog saved my life in every way possible, and I have dedicated my life to saving dogs in any way I can. From rescuing, fostering, and rehoming, to training and photographing, dogs are my life. I know how much our fur kids mean to us and that they have never been “just dogs.”

“Dogs’ lives are too short. Their only fault, really.”

― Agnes Sligh Turnbull

Amber came to our home to photograph our elderly, terminally ill dog Al on his last good day with us. She was extremely kind and gentle with him. She took some beautiful artistic shots, but it was the pictures she got of simple things – like Al drinking from his water dish, or following me to the kitchen for treats – that really showcased his daily life with us. We highly recommend Fur Kid Photography, and are grateful to Amber for capturing these lovely memories of our good boy.

Amber was able to capture Toby in his favorite element, his pond. The photos tell the story of a day in the life of a happy dog. They are beautiful. We are so grateful to have these wonderful memories to share. Amber is such a talented photographer.


Amber is great with dogs. She has been working with my three dogs for over five years as both a dog trainer and photographer. Her expertise is top notch in both fields and she is meticulous. My dogs come from shelters and have various issues. Amber has worked with them individually and as a group. Their improvement has been remarkable. The photos I have purchased have all been high quality and her efforts show. From the lighting, to the dog posture, to the photoshop touch-ups. It has all been very professional and I highly recommend her.


Because they’ve never been “just dogs.”

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